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Mother’s Day in the Northern Tower

On November 28 the Northern Tower business centre in Moscow City held a special event dedicated to the celebration of Mother’s Day which was organized by PR Index at support of the Moscow Department of Culture, Social Security department under the auspices of the Charity Foundation “The Capital of Mercy”.

The event was aimed at drawing attention to the acute problems of maternity, childhood and promotion of family values and traditions.

Amongst the guests were the head of the Programme Office of the Council of Europe Petr Sich with his spouse, ambassador of France to the Russian Federation Jean-Maurice Ripert with his spouse, President of the Russian Union of non-governmental organizations “Otechestvo” Alexander Volovik, Natalia Tolstaya, Yulia Basova, Alexander Nosik, Yevgenia Otradnaya, Andrey Tsvetkov and others. 

Sergey Ostashevich, Head of Property Administration Legal Support Department, addressed himself to the guests with his complimentary speech:”Mother’s Day is a special holiday aimed to raise social significance of maternity, draw attention to the existing problems and mark victories and heroic deeds of mothers. This is the day of gratitude. We are all aware that it is celebrated worldwide and is catching on here in Russia. And we happily responded to PR Index suggestion to hold this event in our premises. It is a pleasure to realize the fact that we are art and part in this meaningful occasion. The Northern Tower has traditionally supported different charity projects. It is important and necessary for us to take part in major social events. Besides, our infrastructure allows us to create maximally comfortable atmosphere both for daily routine and festive occasions and we are always happy to welcome our guests.”