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The Northern Tower is the official partner of the charity dance festival

November 21. Within the framework of the charity dance festival INCLUSIVE DANCE he Northern Tower conference-hall became home for workshops held by Leonid Tarasov (Russia), Corrie van Hagten (the Netherlands), Lilya Sevostyanova (Uzbekistan), Petsi Hall (Germany), Nadia Gagliardi (Italy), Olga Rostovshchikova (Kazakhstan). The exclusive dance ball united its participants from different countries who performed polonaise, polka, waltz, mazurka and other dances.

The international charity dance festival INCLUSIVE DANCE is designed to further full realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms amongst disabled people. Based on the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ratified by the Russian Federation in 2012 it is aimed at popularization of different forms of active involvement of handicapped people in social life.

Among the peculiarities of this festival is active involvement of handicapped children and young people, who have somehow been socially isolated, in the art of dance; attraction of the voluntary community and dance groups to systematic creative work with handicapped children and young people; establishment of firm friendly ties between handicapped children and volunteers; creation of favourable social environment for disabled children, young people and their families.

Yevgeny Ovchinnikov, Head of the Northern Tower Rental department stated:”We are sincerely happy to be useful for such socially significant projects. The infrastructure of the Northern Tower allows us to receive guests including special guests in here and we participate with great pleasure in beautiful and necessary for society events like this charity dance festival. The business centre administration has always supported this kind of projects and we will definitely carry on this tradition”.