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The Northern Tower is the hugest “green” business centre in Russia

JLL, an international consulting company was the auditor of the project. 

BREEM is an international certificate testifying to the high environmental efficiency of the building and acknowledging the minimal adverse impact on the environment and people.

According to the standard buildings are estimated in respect of such categories as management, health and welfare, energy, transport, life safety, water, materials, waste management, land-use management and pollution.

“Certification of the Northern Tower is a milestone event for the market. This is the first building in Moscow City certified according to the international environmental standard. And the total area of the Northern Tower exceeds 100 000 sq.m, which makes it the largest “green” office building in Russia. All the engineering systems are in an excellent condition. All the principles of the so called quality architecture were taken into consideration during the construction – the spacious atrium, “green” roof and energy saving lighting”, - comments Ksenia Agapova, Head of the Environmental Innovations Department of JLL. 

The building is marked by separate waste collection, bicycle parking facilities, microclimatic zones, energy audit and measures aimed at increasing energy efficiency. After a series of works like improving the energy efficiency system of the lighting equipment, setting water saving aerators and placing special containers in the halls to utilize batteries the building proved its reputation of being a “green” or eco office building. 

Anton Smirnov, Commercial Director of Managing Company “R7 Group” commented: “”Good” means a really good mark but we do not intend to stop at what we have achieved. We are planning to carry on improvements of the engineering systems and increase the level of comfort for our employees, guests and tenants and we definitely hope for a higher mark in the future”.

Certification of buildings in accordance with the requirements of green construction international standards is common practice across the globe.

The rating given in the process of certification allows the investors, property owners and tenants to assess the quality of the office building, management standards, corporate image and corporate social responsibility.