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Clinic К+31 takes care about your health

Medical centre K+31 in Moscow City presents new programmes of complex examination of men’s and women’s health.

“Men’s Health Care” programmme was specially developed for detailed urologic diagnostics. It comprises laboratory tests, urodynamic and ultrasound examinations as well as consultations given by our experienced doctors.

“Women’s Health Care” programme offers complex examination of women’s health. It includes lab and ultrasound tests and gynecologists’ consultations.

Detailed medical assessment reports are issued subsequent to the results of the examination.

The programme is valid for the patients of medical centre K+31 in Moscow City.

The principal priority of K+31 has always been high-quality, efficient and safe medical care. We always take into account and analyze the opinions and wishes of our patients. Personal approach is the basis for successful treatment. Clinic K+31 always cares about your health. We are forever by your side!