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OFFICE CARE+ Programme Presentation in the Northern Tower

June 10, the conference hall of the Northern Tower became the platform for the press-conference titled “Office Diseases: Etiology, Preventive Measures and Treatment” organized by K+31 clinic within the framework of the “OFFICE CARE” programme presentation. The event was attended by reporters representing different information agencies, glossy pages and business publications writing about beauty and health (РИА АМИ (RIA AMI), Комсомольская правда (Komsomolskaya Pravda), АиФ Здоровье (AiF Zdorovye), Women's health,, «Men's Health» and others).

The topic of the talk was life quality, which means not only a competitive salary, modern office and regular holiday but also availability of high quality professional medical consultations. Fatigue does accumulate and as a result our body now and then punishes us for the so called “office slavery”. When you are too pressed for time to go to a doctor, the clinic itself comes to you. This is one of the key principles of clinic K+31 located in the business heart of Moscow. 

 In the course of the event journalists and reporters got acquainted with the specialists and management team of both clinics. Within the framework of the event Irina Seliverstova, the managing director of the clinic in Lobachevsky street, told the audience about the tendencies in the market of paid medical services, implementation of innovative programmes of medical service in Russia and work concept of K+31.

Boris Churadze, the chief physician of K+31 in Lobachevsky street conveyed a message about the achievements in the field of high technology medicine and specialists working for K+31 medical centres. 

Dmitry Shubin, the deputy chief physician on rehabilitation health, in his speech touched upon the acute problems related to health of office employees and risks for those living in metropolitan cities.

OFFICE CARE+ health programme was presented by Artem Melikhov, the commercial director of K+31. 

After the presentation there was a press-tour which introduced all the advantages and merits of K+31 in Moscow City to the journalists.

K+31 in Moscow City specializes in pre-hospital medical care on the expert level and implements the concept of diagnostics and medical solutions based on the complex approach to the patient’s health.

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