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May 19, 2014. OFFICE CARE+ Health Programme starts in K+31in Moscow City.

K+31 clinic in Moscow City offers a special programme of complex examination OFFICE CARE+ which will educe your aptitude to the “office syndrome”. This problem has turned out to be acute for people working in the tense rhythm of a big city. Office employees like no one else are at risk and tend to acquire the so called “office syndrome” after many years of intensive work.

OFFICE CARE+ identifies individual aptitude to the syndrome. OFFICE CARE+ subjects of study are

  • headaches caused by continuous tension of the neck muscles;
  • pains caused by the muscle spasm in the back and neck areas;
  • dry eye syndrome;
  • heartache;
  • repetitive stress injury;
  • stomach diseases;
  • obesity;
  • neurosis;
  • hemorrhoid;
  • varicosity.

K+31 specialists in Moscow City are to help you avoid serious problems with your health.