Wellness and Healthcare

K+31 in Moscow City is the second medical centre in the K+31 chain. Experienced doctors, advanced medical equipment of the expert class, complex preventive and treatment technologies guarantee high-quality medical services in the heart of the Moscow business district.
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WORLD CLASS MOSCOW CITY is a perfect fitness club for the employees of the companies based in the new business centre of the capital. The total area of the fitness club amounts to 2700 sq.m.
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The chain of A5 pharmacies is one of the major retailers offering a wide range high-quality goods for beauty and health at reasonable prices in comfortable and nice shops where consultants always give you a professional and kind piece of advice or recommendation.
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  • Address:the Northern Tower Business Centre, Entrance 1, Floor 2 (the pharmacy is located in the medical centre “Clinic K+31”
  • Phone:+7 (495) 612-11-11
  • Site:www.apteka5.ru
TERRA dell Uomo is one of the few places in the business centre where people take care of themselves. A couple of hours spent in the salon will turn into a pleasant break during a busy day and will become one more step on the way to self-improvement.
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«Dental modern clinic» is a high category clinic corresponding to the level of the world leading clinics.
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