Beauty and health

Beauty saloon Grushka

The Grushka beauty space brings together the best specialists in the field of permanent make-up, cosmetology, nail service, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes to meet the beauty and transformation needs of the most demanding guests.

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  • Address:The Northern Tower Business Centre, Entrance 2, Floor 5
  • Opening hours:Monday-friday: 10:00-22:00

Dentistry «Dental Modern Clinic»

«Dental modern clinic» is a high category clinic corresponding to the level of the world leading clinics.

Dentistry «Dental Modern Clinic»_10100 Dentistry «Dental Modern Clinic»_10099
  • Address:The Northern Tower Business Centre, Entrance 1, Floor 3
  • Opening hours:Monday-friday: 09:00-20:00. Saturday-sunday: by appointment

Pharmacy «Zdes Apteka»

«Zdes Apteka» is more than 30,000 health and beauty products. The assortment includes medicines, as well as cosmetics from leading manufacturers.

Pharmacy «Zdes Apteka»_10100 Pharmacy «Zdes Apteka»_10099
  • Address:The Northern Tower Business Centre, Entrance 1, Floor 10
  • Opening hours:Monday-friday: 08:30-18:00

Stretching studio TOPSTRETCHING

TOPSTRETCHING™ is a space where everyone can get in perfect shape, improve their emotional state, and restore peace of mind. Here, through sports, all kinds of negative energy are transformed into positive and pure ones.

Stretching studio TOPSTRETCHING_10100 Stretching studio TOPSTRETCHING_10099
  • Address:The Northern Tower Business Centre, Entrance 3, Floor 11
  • Opening hours:Monday-friday: 10:00-22:00. Saturday-sunday: 10:00-18:00

Laboratory NovaScreen

NovaScreen is a network of modern medical offices. You do not have to google the names of analyzes and decoding of indicators - all information is conveyed in simple language. A full range of laboratory tests is at your disposal.

Laboratory NovaScreen_10100 Laboratory NovaScreen_10099
  • Address:The Northern Tower Business Centre, entrance from the end, from the side of the 1st entrance
  • Opening hours:Monday-friday: 07:30-20:00. Saturday: 07:30-16:00. Sunday: 08:00-16:00.