Business Center

The Northern Tower represents an A-Class modern business centre located on the territory of the MIBC “Moscow City”. The total floor area of the premises amounts to 135 000 sq.m. The building comprises 26 above-ground and 2 underground floors.

The Northern Tower is home to such major international and Russian companies as TTK, R-Pharm, Generium, General Motors, Hyundai Motor CIS, Eastward Capital, Sollers, Blackwood, Motorola Mobility, Renaissance Development, Gefco and others.

The developed infrastructure of the business centre comprises a conference-hall with capacity up to 250 people, meeting rooms, 3 banking outlets, an Italian restaurant, 2 cafes, a canteen, beauty salon “Terra dell Uomo”, a floristic salon, gym and pool “World Class”, medical clinic “K+31” and pharmacy “A5”.

The atrium and the glass dome make the inside of the building quite light in sunny weather. The architectural lighting specially designed for the Northern Tower is designated for night time and gloomy weather. The lighting system consists of powerful lamps and complex beam deflectors dispersing the light and making it close to the natural light.

The Northern Tower offers some of the most varied options for offices to let in Moscow starting from 70 sq.m. up to 1800 sq.m. All the office premises are decorated and completed waiting for their tenants to move in.

Technical and commercial management is carried out by the managing company “R7 Group” (УК «Р7 Групп»)

The Northern Tower special characteristics: